Randy Halberstadt

Hello Benito,

I’m a jazz pianist from Seattle (https://www.randyhalberstadt.com). I’m writing to ask you to check out a set of online musician directories that I’ve cooked up. They’re completely free to use and free to join – I’m just doing this as a labor of love. Here’s a link to the main directory page on my website:


No worries if you choose not to join. I at least wanted you to be aware of the resource in case you need to find someone else’s contact info. You’ll probably find several names that you recognize within the various directories, and especially in the FAQ section at the bottom of the main directory page.

Happy holidays, Randy

Jerry H.

Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.

Giacomo Franci

Dear Benito,

I had a chance to visit your profile on line today and would like to discuss with you some performance and career opportunities with Price Rubin & Partners.

You may know us as a leading concert artist representative. We also offer Premium and Patron Marketing to orchestras, performing arts series, festivals, luthiers, dance companies, record companies and businesses related to the music industry

If you will email me at gfpricerubin@gmail.com or call me at 646-207-1758 I will be happy to go over what we have to offer.

Thank you!

All the best,

Giacomo Franci



William Boylan

Hi! I have press credentials for the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz and will be taking still photos and videos, all weekend. Would it be possible for you to provide me with the play list for your performance; and, are there any favorite songs you would like to see recorded on video? Please email me at williamboylan@reagan.com Thank you and I look forward to seeing you play!

eduardo valbuena

Primo soy eduardo v. 0424 6015998

eduardo vlabuena

buenas tardes primo como esta todo por alla, por aqui bien, este es mi numero 04246015998, enviame para agregarte al wasap

Simon Sargsyan

Jazz critic from website www.JazzBluesNews.Space

Dear Benito Gonzalez,

I would very honored if you liked to answer some questions for an email interview about new CD music, Jazz & Blues. The interview would be used in the site http://jazzbluesnews.space

Thank you in advance, despite your decision.
Contact email: jazzbluesnews.space@gmail.com

Warm Greetings!!!

Simon Sargsyan

Jazz critic, editor web site: www.jazzbluesnews.space


Nathan Webb

Hey Benito! Its been a while. I hope all is well. What is your availability for feb. 28th in the morning? I would like to form a jazz trio to play a couple tunes during our Black History Month concert at my school in Paterson,NJ. I'm thinking of you, my brother on bass, and myself. Let me know what you think. And your price. Thanks
-Nathan Webb


Hey Benito! I just met you in New Brunswick. You are awesome. I am the guy that was interested in buying a copy of Circles. Looking forward to seeing you play again and your new album next year. Thanks for sharing your music with us!

Alan Lewine

Benito, this is Alan Lewine, bassist. I don't know if you remember me from when I lived in DC, I moved to Philly about 10 years ago. Since about a year ago I have returned to music for my life. Where are you? DC? New York? I have a gig coming up in Baltimore Sunday the 24th that you'd be Furtick four if you're available - ESP from D.C. Let me know.

J Leray

Love your dynamic performance @ Trumpets. Very inspiring por todos!

P.S. found a type-o on your site
Madeira Potugal

Christian Moreno

Hello Benito,

My name is Christian and I am an 18 year old jazz pianist and I just wanted to message you to say that I recently discovered you through a video of you playing Giant Steps on a vintage vibe and I've been listening to your stuff ever since. I am Venezuelan (born in Caracas) and having an incredible up-and-coming musician like you who is from my country and shares that background with me is really inspiring and incredible. You're such an amazing player and I hope I can someday play 10% of how you can!


Isabelle Leymarie

Hola Benito. Puedes decirme por favor tu lugar y ano de nacimiento en Venezuela? Te quisiera incluir en un libro sobre la historia del piano jazz que estoy escribiendo, en el que hay un capitulo sobre América Latina y el Caribe. Soy pianista también y estaba en 1970 en el mismo workshop en Harlem que Rene McLean. Soy amiga de Otmaro Ruiz y de muchos otros músicos. Gracias. Puedes ver lo que hecho en wikipedia y en mi sitio: leymarie.net. Vivo ahora en Paris.

Tana Lopez Younger


My name is Tana Lopez and I am a published and exhibited live jazz photographer based in the Baltimore/DC area. I noticed that you will be performing at Twins Jazz on June 2nd and 3rd. I was wondering if I could get permission to come and take some pictures?

Of course, I will not be using a flash and I am always very mindful of not getting in the way of the audience when I am shooting live. I am not interested in charging you for photos or for anything at all. This photo shoot is intended for future publications, news, and websites only.

It is also my standard practice to give the photos I take to the musicians who have been kind enough to allow me to photograph them. This means you will receive a cd in the mail within two weeks of the date of your show. Included with your cd will be an official copyright permission form so that you may use the photos as you wish.

If you are interested in viewing my live jazz photos please visit my webpage or my facebook page which are listed below.

Very Sincerely,

Tana Lopez
Professional Photographer

Chris DeVito

Hi Benito,

Loved your piano playing (heard you at Inc. in New Brunswick a few weeks ago).
As the Treasurer of the New Brunswick Jazz NPO, I will sending an email requesting information required for Form 1099 (to comply with tax laws). Please call me at 908-581-5450 with any questions or to discuss. Thanks, best,


Lorenzo Catocci

Hello Benito, do you have the sheet music of "Wayne's Thang" () of your solo or the chords' composition?
Thank you for your music.

Girish Trivedi

Hi Benito,

Send you best wishes for Thanksgiving and your show on Friday.

Way to go.



Mumbai, India

Norm Harris

August 1, 2016
Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

You have some nice photos of yourself with other jazz artists both legendary and those hoping to become, You are a real artist.
Best regards,
Norm Harris
Member: JJA


Hi Benito. I'm Nicolas the french flugelhorn player, we jammed together at smalls last night. I'm leaving next week back to France, If we don't see each other till then, we'll meet in Paris. I give you some links for you to see my music. Enjoy.


jeremy warren


Hello, my name is Jeremy Warren and I am a drummer/composer from Memphis, TN. I've been living in NYC for 3 years now and I am still trying to work my way unto the scene here. I've been at jam sessions in the city where I have seen you play, but I haven't had the opportunity to play at the sessions due to not being a part of the "circles" that run the sessions.

I would love to play with you sometime, rather it be a private lesson, jam session, or whatever. I will try to make it out to your next show in NYC. You can check out my website to hear my work at www.jwarrenmusic.com. I hope to hear from you soon!

Jeremy Warren

Andreia Uffer

Hello Benito

for the second time in a short while I saw you playing at the Christopher 55. And I must say it is a great time to see you and hear your sound behind the Rhodes.

Congratulation for your great music.

Andreia Uffer from Switzerland, airline pilot and often in NY

Luis Raul Montell

Lo mejor

Ken Eisen

Hi Benito-

Enjoyed hugely seeing you in Portland last night. Any way to get a copy of your Circles CD?

Thanks so much for all!

Naeisha Rose

Hello. I'm a journalist for LatinTrends Magazine and I'm doing a photo series about Latin immigrants that contribute to their new home in New York in positive ways.

This would be a "Day in the Life" series that will follow someone that makes a positive impact in their society.

The purpose of this series is to be a counterpoint to Donald Trump's inflammatory statements about Latin immigrants, by showing the positive aspects of immigration.

Below is my contact information. Thank you for your time.


Naeisha Rose
LatinTrends Magazine

Martin Reiter

Hi Benito,
i already tried to contact you via
fb. you're probably busy touring..
Johannes Thoma told me that you might be available for piano lessons in Vienna.
Would that be possible according to your schedule on monday or tuesday ?
+436764123758 (also whattsapp)

Donald J. Adams

I've been trying to buy the CD Circles and I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me?

Tom Keoughan

Love your work with Azar. Please keep me updated.

Donald J. Adams

I've been trying to find the CD Circles for several months, can you tell me where it can be purchased?

nat reeves

Love you Benito ,you are such a great person.Jackie made a visit in a dream we were all together .Peace and Happiness

Nat Reevesb

Koko Bermejo

Please call (315) 530-5579
Koko Bermejo

Koko Bermejo

Hope you doing well.
I would like to talk to you about playing/recording.
I don't have your cell number, so please
call me at (315) 530-5579.
Thank you very much.

Per Paulsen

Hi Benito! You came to my studio in Oslo with Franklin and did 3 songs for me. I was so happy with what you did so I was hoping to get you down here and lay tracks on some of the other songs on my album. The good thing is that I am based in Marbella in Costa del Sol now. I could try and arrange some concerts here as well for you if that's interesting. How much do you need in cash in excess of flight tickets to do this? And when would be a good time?

Criag Hall

Looking forward to playing with you in Missoula. Are you leaving the next day? Is that firm, or could you come to Bozeman that day (May 17?) Or, could you come to Bozeman Thursday May 14?

Jacqui & David Gasowski

WE had the pleasure of hearing you play for the first time at Brownstone Jazz!
Thank you so much for a great performance, we were both moved by your
Looking forward to hearing you in the near future!
Our Best,
Jacqui & David Gasowski

james maloblocki

Loved the solo perfprmance at Klavierhaus last night...and your new compositions! Brilliant on both counts. Epecially loved "Broken" and "Spirits" And Chucho would have been proud of your rendition of his composition. Not too many cats have the chops to pull that off. Eagerly await your solo CD. Keep swingin' brother!

Joseph Martinez

I want to purchase the cd 'CIRCLES'. I've been searching the internet to no avail. How can I get a copy of Benito's recording, Circles.

Manuel Corral

Estimado señor Benítez:

Usted va a tocar con el grupo de Kenny Garrett en Valencia / España.
Estoy interesado en sus primeros dos discos en solitario. Le estaría muy agradecido si le fuera posible llevar estos dos discos al concierto. Yo estaría muy interesado en comprarlos, ya que aquí en España es casi imposible adquirirlos.

Le doy las gracias de antemano

Le saluda cordialmente
Manuel Corral

Joe Salinas

Hello Benito, checking out your website/playing, man you play your ass off!...I had several friends from Venezuela while I attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA. I play saxophone, and one of my good friends there was Pedro Fernandez, another friend was Sergio Gonzalez, another was Pablo Perez, he was very white looking, he looked like he was from Germany, lol while Pedro was Latino, but had black features, and Sergio was white-looking as well.

They told me the culture/people can look very white, or they can be as dark as blacks. Also, they told me that there's like either rich or poor there, not really in-between. Anyways, when I read that you are from Venezuela, it reminded me very much of my friends. Anyways, Love your music, and keep up the good work!...Tenga Cuidado mi amigo...Joe Salinas.

rob treloar

I wasnt sure if I put my email in the last contact my cell is 8605382951

Rob Treloar

Hi. I was the engineer at the Hartford Jazz fest. I have your show recorded and wanted to get it to all of you ! I couldnt find you guys after the gig. Please give me a call or email and I can dropbox it to you ! All I ask is for some credit if you use it if thats cool ! Thanks and you guys were incredible,,, Peace Rob

please enter nameboblashoff

dude, seen you at at somethin nyc with my wife loved it

Mark Garvin

Hi Benito,

We met at a Papo Vazquez gig a while ago. I loved your playing. I bought the Azar Lawrence CD from you that night, but you didn't have any of your own CDs. I was able to find Circles afterward, but never did find Starting Point on CD. I presume that it's out of print? Do you know anywhere I might be able to find it?

Also, please put me on your mailing list (mgarvin@Panix.com) and let me know if you're playing anywhere around NYC.

Mark Garvin

Jay Moody - Drums


It was real pleasure meeting and playing with you last night w/Rhonda Robinson. I hope that we can play again in the future!

david fielding

Who's in the quartet for Twins this weekend, BTW.

Gary Walker WBGO

Hi Benito,
Sent earlier note about article for 1/2/14 date at Makeda in New Jersey. Need to know rest of members of Quartet. Deadline is tomorrow!
Gary Walker

Gary Walker WBGO

Hey Benito,
Had nice on-air chat recently with Kenny. Dig your work on "Pushing. World Away".
In addition to my WBGO work, I'm also New Jersey feature writer for Hot House magazine. Want to do short piece on your gig Jan. 2 at Makeda. Deadline is this Friday 12/13..can you tell me who will be playing with you at Makeda? Anything thing else (tunes, etc). THANKS!! Gary Walker

Jerome Goldschmidt

My name is Jerome Goldschmidt. I am a professional percussionist based in the NYC area, and co-creator of the "PercussionTutor" app for iPhone. PercussionTutor is an educational app for dedicated world percussion enthusiasts. The app and its free companion book (http://percussiontutor.com/downloads/) feature a unique library of world rhythms and instruments played by first-rate NYC percussionists and drummers.

I believe that PercussionTutor is an exceptional and helpful tool for musicians of all proficiency levels and styles, and superior to other educational companion apps on the market. As a fellow musician, I'd love to get your thoughts on this.

Here is what Damian Erskine (bassist) has to say about the app:

Here is also a link to our official website, which contains playable content and screenshots: www.percussiontutor.com

If you'd care for more information on the app, please e-mail me. I can arrange for my team to send you a free version of the app. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Jerome Goldschmidt

Marina Makarova

Hi Benito,

It`s Marina, Jazz piano player,originally from Russia. We have met at Puppets, while the club was still open.
I have ask you about Recommended Letter to support my Artist Visa - and you kindly agreed to sign the letter. Thank you so much, Benito, I got this visa ! I'm playing in the city-it's great!

Now I have a chance to apply for a green card, because the case on the green card is almost the same. My lawyer ask me to renew the date of the recommended letters.

Is it OK if I type your previous letter and come to to sign it?
I would be very grateful to you! Let me know where is the right place to meet you- for example I can come to your place in Brooklyn (I also live here) or on concert to 55 Bar on Tuesday.

Marina Makarova

Jessie Severino

Are you playing with Kenny Garrett at the Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta this Friday?

Naomi Seif

So glad to have found your site. My daughter is learning how to play the violin and I wanted to introduce her the piano also. It is also awesome that you have the same name as my father, grandfather and brother lol. Pa'lante :)

Ryan Fleming

Hey Benito - I'm not familiar with your stuff but I saw you on a Youtube video with Eric Wyatt. Unfortunately the piano was a little far back in the mix (plus a loud drummer!), but you were really digging in and found your playing really enjoyable, so I just wanted to send you a quick message. I'll try to keep you on my musical radar - I hope you make it up to Boston soon!

Ryan Fleming
Framingham, MA

Buster Hemphill

hey bro! hope you're having a great hoilday. are you avail to play with me at club A on Jan 4?

ruben garcia (el hueso)

Hermano benito me siento muy contento por tus logros de verdad no sabes cuanto siento como si un hemano mio tubiese en tu lugar de verdad mil felicitaciones hermano siempre pendiente de ti y tus logros me enorguyeses como venezolano y como amigo, gracias por ser mi amigo.

Peter Fodor

In the last 3 days I spent some time in "Jazz Heaven" in Budapest with David Hodek, Radovan Tariska and you leading the way - I hope I can visit the place again very soon

tatiana sadovska

how are you up?
I think that you do not have a single minute of free time
but can you give me contact of pianist who can help me
I want to make my new project and release cd
it will be classic arias
in jazz, accompanied by
it is well-known arias they are in YouTube
I can send the chords of a jazz arrangement
sending you a sample it is not recorded in the studio
my arias it is Songs My Mother Taught Me and aria Rrusalka ( Song of the moon) Antonin Dvorak : Rahmaninov Zdes horosho; O mio babbino caro from Puccini ;Verdi - La Forza del Destino, 'Pace, pace, mio Dio ;Qui la voce, Elvira's aria from I Puritani :Puccini - Tosca, 'Vissi d'arte'
thank you in advance
your friend tatiana
with the hope of cooperation

Dane Scozzari


Congratulations on a great album with Kenny Garrett! I can't get enough of "Wiggins." You blew the roof off on that one.

You may not remember my name, but I am a drum student from Hartt and I am close friends with Nat. We met awhile ago and I saw you at Sculler's a while back.

Anyway, hope to see you soon.

Dane Scozzari


Hola Benito,
Feliz dia de los Padres.
See you sometime this year, i hope, perhaps at Small's where I've seen you before. You seem a good guy. Que lo pases bien, joven.

Doug Gately

I would like to know your availability for a performance at the University of Mary Washington Jazz Festival on April 15, 2012. Please give me an idea of the cost for a one set performance (1 hour)and an additional 1 hour clinic for music students.

Doug Gately
Director of Jazz Studies
Instructor of Woodwinds
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 654-1954
On the web: visit douggately.com

Achi Ludomirsky

Are you performing in Mannhaten on February 4th? not clear from your Gigs.

Liz Fixsen

I think some dates must be wrong-- HR57 site says Antonio Parker CD release on Jan. 20 and 21. Caton Castle shows are always on Saturdays; Jan. 22nd is a Sunday. The Caton Castle website doesn't show anything for Jan. 21 at this time.

Elizabeth Fixsen

Why don't you set up a mailing list that will automatically send out advance notice of your shows? I'm going to try for one of the shows coming up in January in DC area.

Luis Raúl Montell

Saludos Bro.

Mark Garvin


We saw you with Papo Vazquez at FB Lounge a few months ago and really liked your playing. Bought your CD (Azar Lawrence) from you that night and I've been enjoying it quite a bit.

Are you playing in NYC again soon? I just found your site, and it looks like we just missed you with Azar at Jazz Standard.

Have a great Christmas! Hope to hear from you.
Mark and Sandra Garvin

Ralph Milone

You're an amazing player. I loved your playing with Stan Killian at the 55 Bar last night. Great technique and feel. The best.

ivan polunin

For me you were the \'star\' at last night\'s gig in Mallorca. Have a great future. Ivan

Jacob Kelberman

Hi Mr. Gonzalez,

It was great meeting you at Little Bar the other week! My name is Jacob Kelberman, and I'm a guitar player at Temple University. My friend James Collins and I talked about scheduling a lesson with you sometime during the remainder of the summer. I was wondering if you still had any availability in August?


Jacob Kelberman

Susan Russell

Heard you play with Paul and Tunde Sunday night--WOW!! I work with Paul in Gettysburg. The concert was reallyl SUPERB, and I just LOVED hearing you play!! Congrats! & best wishes!
Susan Russell

james maloblocki

Hey B What a great night of music at the Jazz Standard the other night! Everybody was killin', especially you and Billy.What a surprise to hear A love Supreme as well. Thanks for adding me to your guest list when you saw me. I appreciate it and look forward to the next time. Take care...James

Clyde Adams

B, its clyde
Man how u been? I see you working a lot. U need a drummer, hit me up. I will travel. Hope all is well.


Clyde Adams II
832 420 9289

Strictly Discs


We could really benefit by having 2 CD DEMO copies of the:

Benito Gonzalez - Circles CD

One for a listening post and one for the store system. If you are unable to swing two, one will do.

Send all web banners and website related added value promotions to: angie@strictlydiscs.com

Please respond with what we should expect.


Ron Roloff
Strictly Discs
1900 Monroe Street
Madison, WI. 53711


Hi Benito, This is LaZette from Bill's Place. Glad to see you are gigging uptown. Between the Lenox Lounge and Creole I'll get by to see you. I will spread the word! Regards,

Lea Berninger

Hey Benito!

¡Feliz año nuevo!
What´s going on right now? Have you been in Germany already?

Muchos saludos de Lea y Ursula de Alemania


I'm jazz journalist and jazz radio presenter from Poland. I had a great pleasure to listen to some music on your website. One time in the month I prepare audition about new talents in jazz scene. Please let me know could you send me your Cds to larger presentation in radio and to review it in polish newspappers?
I will be great also to show your music to some concert menagers in Poland. Some of them often ask me what new artist I could recomend. I' sure it will be great to see you in concert!
maciej karlowski
mobile phone: +48 512 100 323

Steve weiles

saw u play at 55 ....nice ..I play a steady mon.an fri trio plus rotate singers if u play with singers contact me asap Steve 917 301 1130

bernardo gonzalez

Hola Benito, estuve leyendo la revista downbeat (on line) y vi una reseña de tu último trabajo. Es posible conseguirlo en Venezuela?.

Saludos y que continuen los éxitos
PD: piensas hacer conciertos en Venezuela el proximo año?

Joseph Martinez

Bro, you are blessed... Thank You very much for your energy and enthusiasm in keeping the music alive. You make the difference.

Mil Gracias, Que Dios te Bendiga y sigue abriendo sus caminos.

Jonas White

When will your new cd, Circles, be available for purchase/download?

Justin Vasquez

Yo man,

What been going on? LIstening to some of these live tracks you got up. We gotta play again. Yousa bad mofo!


Lea Berninger

Hey Benito,

I don´t know if you remember but we met 10 days ago in Lenox Lounge. We really liked you playing the piano! You have a great technique but you also enjoy the music very much, that´s perfect! What´s going on right now?

Muchos saludos de Lea y Ursula de Alemania



eric lee

Dear Benito,
I came across your playing on the web and it's absolutely wonderful and you show great technique- I wish I can play like that! do you teach jazz piano to private students? if yes, may I know how you would do it? skype? live? charges per hour? etc.?

grateful if you can reply. thanks! eric

Michal Martyniuk

Hee Benito. Love your music man!! I dont know if u remeber but few years ago we met in Poland ( poznan ) u were touring with Kenny that time. We spend hours talking in the hotel where u were staying after the gig that nite. The gig was in (bluenote) It was really great to meet u. Im in New Zealand now. Studying jazz piano and playing a lot... how u doing??

Ruben Garcia el hueso

Epa hermano es hueso como esta la cosa la vaina pues, soy maracucho mijo, me siento muy orgulloso de todo lo que has logrado pues eres uno de los mejores del mundo y eso para mi ser tu amigo me alaga y ma pone bien contento y muy feliz, hermano donde estas en que pais te encuentras? por aqui muchas cosas han sucesido unas malas como amigos fallecidos bueno esa es la ley de dios y otras cosas buenas esas si son muchas te cuento tengo mi propio estudio de grabaciòn y hago muchas producciones de todo hermano, estoy haciendo un disco yo como solista en el piano un poquito de jazz con afro y gaita negra inventos a ver que sale pero le aplico principios de la gaita el asincopao y el cacharrito se escucha bien luego te envio unos temitas para que me des tu visto bueno modestia a parte muchos dicen que yo soy un barbaro porque invento mucho con los ritmos otros dicen que estoy loco pero bueno hay que hacer de todo y tu sabes como son aqui con la gaita muy conservadores. de verdad benito muchos exitos de corazon y mucho apoyo de mi parte aqui tienes y siempre has tenido un hermano. felicidades.

Matthias Clark

Dude! what a great pleasure to meet you at Puppets place. Thanks for playing my song In Your Eyes. I really dig Mcoy and you are like the next generation!
We GOT to play some more!



nice meeting you at zinc the other night. you sounded great. :-)

when are you playing again? please let me know. i wanna try to come out and see you. i have a small gig w guitar & bass tuesday the 20th at esperanto (restaurant gig but very cool vibe & we play what we want) 7:30-10pm. come if you can. it's a great place to hang, eat & drink.


Craig Hall

I believe we are scheduled to play in Bozeman, MT March 11. Do you have that on your calendar? At "The Shed." You, Azar, Lorca and myself. Just checking in to see that you hve been asked about all this. (?) thanks, Benito.




HELLO BENITO, Tried to reach you, What is your new number? call me 609 468 0427. Jack Henry

victor bastidas

Benito,,Im Victor Bastidas, a drummer,just moved in from Miami acouple of months ago.I wanted to scheduled a session with you and Brandon Wright.let me know if you would be interested,and also if there is a number where i can reach you at.
Big Hug
my number is 786 234 1938


Hi,i am Sinisa from Croatia and i have 27 years old.I request somebody who will teach me a piano/keyboard,I would like to will learn will jazz the another type of music!WOULD GIVE ME a help? that is my video that see how i play!THANKS A LOT, SINISA!

ruben garcia el hueso

hermano saludos es el hueso de maracaibo te acordais en gaiteros del empedrao

Ruben Garcia el Hueso

Hermano es el hueso de maracaibo venezuela tu amigo del alma me da gusto que estes triunfando.

kris kaiser

hey benito hows it going? great website! Ive been practicing those ideas you gave me and there really opening my head up. they are great! in another week or two i would like to take a lesson again. probably sometime late next week. anyway i hope everythings cool.

Shelly Ley

Hi Benito!
Can we push the whole thing back one hour tomorrow? Come at 2:15, and perform for students at 3:15? That would be a huge help.
Please call me! Or email ASAP!!


buenas lo felicito por todo su logro su gran sueño ese es mi correo kelly la loquita

Doug "DJ" Jordan

Benito. How are you? I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was the owner of the restaurant, FoodBar DC, where you performed on several occasions for our Sunday Brunch and on some Tuesday evening, a couple of years ago. I saw you last at Twins Jazz, with Andrea Wood. I'm not sure if you remember, but I was the vocalist with the Airmen of Note Jazz Band. I'm looking to do a performance at Twins Jazz in the very near future. Also performing with me will be Tracey Wright, who was also the vocalist with the Airmen of Note. She is an amazing vocalist and performer and you'd enjoy her stylings. I'm looking for a trio or quartet for the performance. I'm also going to have Saul Miller, Lead Saxaphonist with the Airmen of Note, perform. It will be an amazing performance and I can't think of any other pianist that I would love to feature other than you. There are about 4 selections that I would accompany myself on, but for the evening, you would accompany Tracey and myself. I'll be having another conversation with Twins Jazz, but I wanted to see if you'd be interested in the performance. Please let me know as soon as you can. I see you're quite busy. Congratulations on all of your success.


Jon Heagle

Hi Benito--Jon Heagle, guitar player, here. Wanted to remind you--the jam session is on at the Royale Bar in Park Slppe tonight. It's on 5th Avenue between 12th and 13th St.--1 block from Puppet's, on the other side of the street from Puppet's. They're starting around 10 or 10:30. There's a Wurlitzer electric piano there. Hope you can make it, if not this week then pretty soon. They play every Tuesday. Hope you're well, man...cheers, Jon

Jay Edwards

I am friend of Azar Lawence . DJ for WCLK 91.9 FM IN Atlanta Georgia. Your music is very free and melodic sets the tone for a true listening experience. If possible would like to interview you. My number is 770-4631868. Keep the music real it sets the world on fire.


Hola Benito,

I like your new site! Nice pictures. I especially like the "air piano" shot with the red wall in the background. ;) Hope all is well with you...

- Susanne

p.s. Are you on facebook? I was looking and couldn't find you

doug weiss

Benito I need a scan of your passport as soon as possible for ticketing on the Al Foster tour. Can you email it to me? Glad to have you on board!